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Our House

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Located in USJ19, among the greasy stretch of car workshops, stands 1,700sf W_Are_House. Some describe it as the rose among the thorns and some like how rugged the location makes them feel. It is said to be the least expected place to throw ANY party, and we all love surprise parties. 

The venue uses mostly cement grey, bricks, wood color as a theme, blend in with a ladder-reach size chalkboard wall. It has a seating capacity of up to 75 guests. 

Guests are encouraged to experiment with the different settings or mood of the lighting. Bright, vibrant and dimmed. Adjust the lighting at any time to suit your event mood or ambience. 

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The unit is perfect for a surprise party, but also excellent for other functions as well. You name it, W_Are_House strives to provide it, from formal to informal, with the primary goal of providing comfort to their guests. 

Guests can also mingle upstairs and have an overall view of the event from the top. Apparently, it is known as the hot spot for pictures. 

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Home Is Where You Sleep... W_Are_House Is Where You Eat, Play, Drink, Sing, Dance And Flirt With Friends And Friendly Strangers.